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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What time should we arrive/depart?

A. Check-in: After 4 pm; Check out: by Noon (We aren’t too strict on either of these, but Sunday is our turnover day, so it’s a busy day for housekeeping.)

Q. What days can we ride?

A. Monday through Saturday, with Sunday being a horses’ holiday.

Q. What is your minimum stay?

A. Seven night stays, generally. If space is available due to guests booking longer than a week, we will try to accommodate shorter stays with the remaining portion of the week available.  We generally have 3-4 short stay opportunities each summer but flexible dates are required.

Q. Do you own or lease your horses?

A. We own all of our horses. These horses are our friends, each with a unique personality and we depend on them. They are either ranch-raised or purchased from neighbors in our ranching community. They live a wonderful life and make it to a ripe old age—working primarily in the summer and being turned out for 8 months of the year. While we do keep in a handful for winter riding and livestock work, most live like wild horses for the winter (albeit enjoying an occasional bale of hay when the winter is really nasty).

Q. How many horses are at the ranch?

A. It varies from year to year, but generally we have around 65 head.

Q. What breed of horses do you have?

A. Primarily quarter horse or quarter horse-thoroughbred cross, with a few thoroughbreds, morgans, and paints.

Q. Do you have children’s programs?

A. We don’t have formal children’s programs, because the kids can partake in any of the activities offered to adults. We do a great deal with kids and have special rides and activities for kids, but do not require their participation.

Q. Do you require helmets?

A. We do not, but we prefer kids to ride in helmets. Our own children ride in helmets and we have a few extra available. Riding helmets are best fitted to a particular child or adult, but we have some adjustable ones and will lend them to you. If you typically ride with a helmet, then you should do so here as well.  Please make arrangements to bring your own, as we do not have enough for all guests, nor can we guarantee fit.

Q. Do you have a minimum riding age?

A. Children must be at least 4 years old and  your child will need to be able to sit up, hold on to the reins and pay attention to the horse. We do “pony” rides for the littlest ones from the ground at first, then with a lead rope held by a wrangler. Kids 5 and up are often able to ride on their own, under the careful eye of our wranglers.

Q. What is the nearest airport?

A. The nearest airports are Logan International in Billings, MT and Gallatin Field in Bozeman, MT.

Q. Is transportation available to and from flights?

A. We will provide pick up and delivery to Bozeman or Billings for a cost of $135 per person.  Please note this is a per person not per vehicle rate. However, we cannot drop off guests for departures prior to 10:30 a.m. or pick guests up after 4:30 p.m., unless approved in advance. The Ranch is 2 ½ hours from either airport, and we are often meeting or dropping other guests, too.

Q. What are our options if our flights do not fall within the ranch transportation schedule?

A. If your flights don’t fall within our pick-up times, the other options are:

  • Stay overnight in Bozeman or Billings before an early departure or upon a late arrival and enjoy a day in either town, both of which have a lot to offer;
  • Rent a vehicle;
  • International travelers often fly into Calgary, Canada and drive from there, as there is non-stop service from Heathrow to Calgary.
Q. Is Trip Insurance Available?

A. There are a variety of companies that provide trip insurance. We recommend TravelGuard, which is an associate member of the Dude Ranch Association. Travel Guard has a particular Dude Ranch Protection Program and can we contacted at

Q. Do you offer adult-only weeks?

A. We have only a few adult-only weeks, as we have been a family ranch over the years, and we also have multiple generations on the same ranch, so our own children may well be around. The September weeks are adult-only weeks, and early June often ends up being primarily adults as kids are still in school.

 Q. Do you provide lunch on rides?

A. For all day rides, we’ll pack you a sack lunch that you can carry in your saddlebags, or provide a picnic lunch for hikes and fishing trips.

Q. What is the weather typically like?

A. We are in the mountains, and the weather is nothing except unpredictable. Listed below are “average” highs, lows, and rainfall each month of our guest season:

May    June    July    Aug    Sept

Average rainfall: 2.85     3.0      2.13     1.65   1.38

Average High:       60°       68°      76°      77°     66°

Average Low:        34°      42°      47°       46°     37°


Q. What is the elevation of the ranch?

A. 6,100 feet at the main ranch house, and you can ride to 10,000 feet.

Q. What kind of activities are there at the ranch?

A. There are plenty of things to do, whether they involve horseback or not. A few “on ranch” suggestions include:

  • Help move cows
  • Work with your horse in a natural horsemanship clinic
  • Take a “library” ride to falls, bring a book and enjoy the sounds of the water and the rays of the sun
  • Play field golf
  • Rope a “dummy” calf
  • Fish the Sweet Grass Creek
  • Grab a sleeping bag and take a packtrip to pristine alpine lakes
  • Ride to Otter Creek, the cattle ranch
  • Climb to the lookout on the south ridge
  • Salt and mineral the cows
  • Photograph spectacular scenery and a wide array of wildlife
  • Take a nap in a hammock
  • Give bareback riding a try
  • Play games in the gymkhana
  • Walk along the river
  • Lope through the meadows
  • Swim your horse in the creek
  • Take the boat out on the pond for some kid-friendly fishing
  • Inner -tube down the creek
  • Roast marshmallows at the campfire
  • Participate in a photography workshop
  • Take a wildflower identification ride
  • Feed the pigs or bum calves
  • Enjoy the dawn on an early morning “sunrise” ride
  • Ride to the Bar B and enjoy the scenic vistas
  • Take a ride to the goats
  • Explore the Crazies with a “get lost” ride
  • Find your inner child and get swept down a natural waterslide
  • Savor a meal around the campfire on a dinner ride
  • Cross the bridge and spend a few serene minutes contemplating nature
  • Explore ruins of old homesteads
  • Pack a picnic lunch and take a hike
  • Play softball, horseshoes, paintball or volleyball
  • Enjoy an impromptu sing-a-long
  • Play the piano or guitars
  • Relax on a porch swing and visit
  • Have a friendly poker game
  • Groom and saddle your horse
  • Sit around a roaring fire in the living room and play pool, cards, board games, or enjoy a good book
  • Help fence or clear trail
  • Marvel at the power of a lightning storm
  • Soak away the aches in the hot tub
  • Get a massage

 Off ranch:

  • Day Trip to Yellowstone National Park
  • Trips to the Crazy Mountain Museum, Museum of the Rockies or the Bair Museum
  • Arrange a day of fly-fishing on the Yellowstone
  • Explore Native American sites like the Little Big Horn Battlefield
Q.Do you have Internet?

A. We have a Wi-Fi satellite Internet system, which works but can be temperamental if too many people are downloading or uploading at once, or if the weather is stormy.  It will work for basic tasks, such as checking email, but will not work for livestreaming, Youtube or applications that require a lot of bandwidth.

Q. Do cell phones work at the ranch?

A. No, the closest cell reception is about 6 miles away (your phone might work at different locations on a ride, however). We do have phone cards to purchase in the store so that long distance calls can be made.

Q. What should be pack?


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"You can see what man made from the seat of an automobile, but the best way to see what God made is from the back of a horse."

- Charles M. Russell



From Trip Advisor: (Linda S., San Mateo, CA) “BEST VACATION DESTINATION EVER-FEELS LIKE GOING HOME EACH YEAR” My father first brought me along with him Sweet Grass Ranch in 1986, after he had been there the two years prior. We have not missed a year returning to this place... more


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